Nick, thanks so much for sharing this. I’m one of the designers at Medium. We think a lot about the visible quality of what we build, we care deeply for the design fabric of our apps and our site, and we do not want them to die by a thousand cuts. Medium is a place for people to share their thoughts and ideas, to learn new things, to get better at writing, to connect with communities or start new ones, to change minds and have their minds changed. One little bug that stands in the way might not seem like a big deal, and might not make that much of a difference — but a few, a dozen, a hundred, definitely will.

So you have to keep fixing them, one by one. And hearing from people who use Medium about even the littlest of issues is important part of the process. It lets us know what’s lurking out there and what needs to be fixed.

Appreciate your feedback. PS check out number 2 on your list. Should work better now.

Designer/typographer · Writing a book on the history of keyboards:

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