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This is a list of physical books that I used in my writing (minus manuals, magazines, and maintenance manuals). It’s the physical counterpart to my digital research library.

Updated in July 2023.

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Writing and technology

Modern writing

Typewriter history

Typewriter collecting

  • Typewriter topics (1923) / The Typewriter: History & Encyclopedia (1923) / Collector’s guide to antique typewriters (1981) / The Typewriter: An Illustrated History (2000) 📖
  • Old Typewriters (1993, James) 📖

Typewriter history books by typewriter manufacturers

Typewriter coffee table books

Specific typewriter history

Typewriting industry

Computer history


Computer coffee table books

Specific computer history

1980s personal computer history

1980s personal computer guides

Word processors

Gender issues

Office work

Legal issues


Keyboard layouts

Alphabet and code


International/Non-American typing

Product design

User interface design

User interface guidelines

  • NeXTSTEP user interface guidelines
  • Amiga user interface style guide
  • Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design
  • Newton user interface guidelines
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines: The Apple Desktop Interface
  • PenPoint programming

Ergonomics and RSI

Psychology and physiology



Typesetting + typography

Telegraph + telephone

Calculating and data processing




  • The typewriting dictionary
  • The dictionary of typewriting
  • The illustrated computer dictionary
  • The new hacker’s dictionary


Videogames and keyboards

  • Gaming the iron curtain (2018)
  • Joysticks: Eine illustriere Geschichte der Game-Controller 1972–2004
  • The game console: A photographic history from Atari to XBox (2018, Amos)


Typewriting education

Touch typing manuals

Touch typing: Calculators

  • Office machines course: Adding and calculating machines (1942)
  • Touch operation of the electronic calculator: A brief course (1985)
  • Ten-key touch system on modern calculators, second edition (2002)


Related literature

  • Mother Night (Vonnegut)
  • The roving mind (Asimov)
  • The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Player Piano (Vonnegut)
  • Informed Sources (Willard Bain)

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